Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I was thinking about labeling this post "Toddler Food" as Grace devoured this meal when I made it last week. Zucchini noodles with carrot noodles too and mushroom with some fancy sauce.

What child doesn't love noodles? Even better when they are GREEN and ORANGE!

This week she wasn't interested in the slightest. She had 3 pieces of mushroom and said, "I don't like it, mummy" drank her (very diluted) cranberry juice and jumped back to her room. She's a busy body.

It's the middle of Winter here and I miss salad and strawberries and basically every other Summer fruit. These ingredients were a little expensive this kind of year, but zucchinis are my thing. I have a zucchini loaf in the pantry that is almost all gone. It is the coolest vegetable.

I will make it again sometime soon and I bet she will eat it. She better, I love it! Mostly because it literally takes me 10 minutes from start to finish. What mummy doesn't love cooking a quick, healthy meal?