Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Welcome to my blog. No habla espanol. I may have taken Spanish at high school but that's all I can remember, somehow still my preferred greeting!

My name is Charlotte, I am 19. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter called Grace and one on the way, who I found out yesterday is a BOY. I may or may not be single. For now. I make some bad choices sometimes. Shoot me.

Some good choices I have made are using cloth diapers, or cloth nappies as we call them over here in NZ.

My daughter has just been toilet trained, at nigh-time too. Hate to brag, but it only took 1 week for daytime and 2 weeks before I realised she only had ONE wet nigh-time nappy that whole time. I do plan on using the same little stash for number 2.

My problem is now, I only purchased 15 OSFA cheapies when Grace was 7 months old. They do not go small enough for even big newborns. And I mean BIG. Grace was 10.4lbs. BIG.

Newborn nappies are far too expensive to spend an extra $50 to ship them to NZ. So I am going to attempt to make them.

But do you think I could find PUL fabric at spotlight, the only fabric shop in town? NO. My creativity is going to be in full swing to get something that works. AAAAHH. HELP ME!!!!

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