Friday, 31 July 2015

Window Painting

I have realized my addiction to Pinterest has gone on too long and I need to start spending more time with my baby girl.

I love talking with her, every day she comes up with something totally random and I am always blown away with how much her speech has developed. 

After some new custody issues with her father, I really need to make the most of the time I have with her (I still see her 6 days a week).

So all my hours spent on Pinterest have finally come in handy. I have a list, half a page long almost, of things I want to make with Grace. Mostly crafty things, and a few learning things. 

She knows all her colours, I am pretty sure she knows the basic shapes (and parallelogram, woohoo!). Also a few numbers she can recognize

So first on the list was something simple, because we went shopping today for a few supplies which need to be prepped while she is at her daddy's house for the night. 

I should not have waited so long to do this for Grace, she would have been 100x more excited if I had done this about a year ago! She had fun anyway, and it kept her occupied for probably..... 20 minutes....

What I used:
-Large ziplock bag.
-Packing tape (or duct tape, although packing tape is clear which looks nicer)
-Paint (I used kids finger paint, it has the weirdest texture, but was all I had on hand)
-A child, but I won't judge if you set this up for yourself! I had a blast too!

First I opened up the ziplock bag as wide as I could, keeping it flat on my counter. With each colour bottle I just squirted in about a tablespoon amount of paint then sealed it well. 

Grab your tape and cut off about the length of your ziplock bag, attach to the bag at the top, then the window. Secure on all four sides, double checking the side with the ziplock opening. This is a mess-free activity, it would be a bit of a disaster if the bag were to start leaking! Uh-oh!

This kept my girl occupied for about 5 minutes then she ran off to do something else. I jumped back up on the couch to rest my aching feet for a few minutes and before I knew it she was back to play with it again! 

 It is now 9pm and it is still stuck to my window, I would like to see how long it will last until it goes yucky. But I'm sure it will depend on what kind of paint you use. We will be making our own paint for the first time tomorrow which I'm sure will act very differently to the stuff I used today. 

Stay tuned for the other activities I will be doing with my girl over the next few weeks! (: