Wednesday, 8 July 2015

DIY Romper. Link to FREE pattern and tutorial!

I just have to document these under something I have made. I am sooo proud of these! OMG! All the credit goes to the lady who designed the pattern, that you can print off for FREEEEE! From sizes 2-11 years. 

I decided my first attempt at these would be a very cheap material I found at the Hospice. (op-shop thrift shop kind of place, whatever) It cost me $2 and I could probably make 2 more of these if I wanted to. This was just a practise one for the CUTE material I bought and didn't want to waste with a failed project. It turns out that I love this one just as much/ if not more than the other one. The thinner fabric sits nicer.

Isn't it just the most darling fabric in the entire world! We both have a tiny obsession over watermelons ever since I purchased a pair of pajamas with watermelons on them. Grace went crazy over them. She also went crazy over PINK WATERMELONS!!!!!
Excuse the blurry photo of a child that doesn't want to look at the camera, EVER. Those. Curls. Though.

I really hope you decide to make one of these. I can tell you that they are not hard to pull down quickly for a toilet training toddler! Grace gives me about 1 minute notice before she tinkles on the floor and I manage just fine (: