Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 28

My mother needs to stop taking me shopping with her, because her self control is not doing so well at the moment and loves bakery food. So does Grace, I am a little out numbered.

Every morning I wake up and say to myself "I am really going to try eat super healthy today!" blah blah blah.... Things will be going well. Then we go shopping and to a cafe. MMMMHM. I guess it is good that I start the day off right, right?

I just purchased a juicer on yesterdays shopping trip, I am super excited for the next few weeks to actually use up ALL the fruits and vegetable in the fridge. Cleaning the juicer, mmmm not so much.

Current weight: 103 kgs (227 lbs)
Total Gain so far: 13 kgs (28 lbs)

Ok, so 2 kgs for a whole month is not tooooo bad. Considering I have had some reeeally naughty days. Also, still sick (I would go to the doctor, if it were more than a stupid stuffy nose). The weather is still terrible, Spring just started, it can only get better from here? Ugh. Excuses.

I can do better!





Hummus is also going to come back into my snack stash, my midwife told me when I first got pregnant that hummus is bad because it is a breeding ground for bacteria or soooomething. But you know what, I still eat ham from the deli and a whole bunch of other things I am not supposed to. SOOO I welcome that healthy snack (with carrot sticks) back. YAY!!! I missed it so much. And just to keep it on the safer side, me and Grace devour a little pottle in a day or two!