Friday, 14 August 2015


Today I decided to get Grace in the kitchen to take advantage of it being clean for once, even though you can see a little pile of dishes accumulating in the sink.

Something quick and easy to setup with not toooooo much mess? Baking soda reactions will do.
I'm sick. She's sick. It's cold outside,  but the sun has been shining for days now. Brrrrr.

I was surprised Grace had as much fun as she did. She has been in a bit of a grump lately, probably from being so blocked up. Poor girl.

I let Grace pick 2 colors to start off with. PINK and BLUE. The blue was a surprise to me, pink, I expected right off the bat.

She was very good at helping me measure out the baking soda, I gave that job to her thinking it be best for me to in charge of the food colourings and very full vinegar bottle.

YELLOW and GREEN were the next choices.  We finally got them to fizzzz up too.  Grace got a little scared, so let me do the next one.

We were running out of colors at this point, so BLACK and RED it was.

Lastly, Grace begged for PURPLE. A good time to attempt to teach her  a bit of color mixing,  don't you think? She seemed to understand quite well, even though it turned out to be a very dark purple.

She was such a good helper, cleaning the bench after each colour. She got very curious about what was inside the bottle though hehe! I know you aren't supposed to reward children, but for being such a good girl which is quite rare the past few weeks, she got a bowl of burger rings, her favourite chippies at the moment (I think because it is the only thing I give her, without taking a bite first, yuuck!)